The institut aerotechnique

L'Institut AéroTechnique du cnam   L'Institut AéroTechnique du cnam

The Institut aerotechnique (IAT) is a public unit attached to the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Cnam) of Paris, which is under the supervision of the French Ministry of Higher Education specifically to the Direction déléguée à la Recherche (DDR) of the Cnam since January 2017.

The IAT is also part of the FISE department of the Institut Carnot ARTS (icARTS) which gather many research groups, with their resources, their knowledge in the energy sector, the fluid mechanics and the electrical engineering.

In regards to their activities, the IAT works with firms in the public or private sector and provide industrial services, and research support for various sectors: transport, energy, civil engineering.

With more than a century of expertise in aerodynamics, the IAT specializes in developing and deploying experimental means in aerodynamics and conducting tests and studies for enterprises.

The IAT conducted, in recent years, activities in aerodynamics applied to transportation systems from flight, to automobile, to train as well as aerodynamics applied to the environment and their effects on structures and aeroacoustics.